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"Proof" a play in which the numbers are not black and white

As I have been working on the play, "Proof" by David Auburn, as both a director and actor. I can't help but to think about all the"numbers." In the play this is a huge catalyst of how this affects everyone's lives. I think in our society, we always look for numbers to give us the final answer or the bottom line. And on many occasions, we use numbers to guide us on making the "right" decision or to stay away from making the wrong move. Also numbers is really how we measure everything around us. And if we can't measure it, then for most of us, then it doesn't exist.

But in this play, math and numbers turn everyone's life upside down. We have Robert, a brilliant mathematical who was very successful when he was lucid-- but now is trying to hold on tight to his mind, because he knows its slipping away...he sees himself slipping away and it is hard for him witness.

Then we have Catherine, she has taken care of her father for years as his mind has deteriorated more and more. And she can't help but to think, if she will be like her father when she's the same age....or will it happen sooner? At the same time, she knows she inherited her father's genius but what if she fails? Also, the field of mathematics seems to be a field for "men only" what if she is not able to prove them wrong?

And that is just 2 examples....

In the lives of these characters:Math creates a strong connection with Robert and Catherine. Begins a friendship or maybe relationship with Catherine and Hal. But creates hostility and a disconnection between Catherine and Claire.

On my next post I'm going to talk more about Claire and Hal....I feel like I have met some Claire's in my life....what about you?

Peace & Love,


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