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Genoveva Productions is back!!!

Welcome to my blog, this is my first one:) I will be writing about all my experiences and sharing them with you!

During the summer I took some time off to re-evaluate and regroup ( both myself and my company) and see which direction I wanted to go. As I was doing this, my mind went to the play, “Proof” by David Auburn. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because its one of my favorite plays. Also, because when I first started acting and taking classes at HB Studio, it was one of the first scenes I did in front of a large group. So it has a special place in my heart.

When I made the decision to produce a reading of this play, I thought:This play won a Tony Award back in 2001, and it was made into a Hollywood film with A list actors….Am I going to mess this up?? I had my doubts and felt intimidated. But then, after some careful self-reflection– I realized that this is an opportunity to bring something new to the table, and make this my own, so what could be bad about that? It is an opportunity to grow. Also I was going to bring in some of the best actors that I knew (and I did).

We had our first rehearsal last Friday, Sept 20th and I was blown away! Everything fit together perfectly!! Each actor was perfect for the part. And I was so proud!! And I left rehearsal with the feeling that, yes!! I am heading towards the right direction!! It is the same feeling that I felt when I first started acting many years ago, oh so happy to be feeling like that again! Till next time:)

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