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Julia was born in Ecuador and was raised in the Boogie Down Bronx. Her mother came to the United States seeking the American Dream for her and her older brother.  From when Julia was very young, her mother instilled a strong work ethic: If you have want something you need to be determined, and work hard!


 As a kid, Julia loved to read horror stories and write in her journal.  She loved the arts, but didn't know exactly how to apply herself  or how to express her creativity. 


Fast forward to many years later---Julia received her Bachelor's degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology-- but then an event  completely changed her destiny: She was on a movie set as a background actor. A sudden epiphany occurred to her: I want to be an Actor!!

There was no stopping Julia now!! She got involved in acting classes, plays, films, commercials!! the deeper she dived into this new world, the more she loved it!! 

Julia is so grateful that she worked with many theater groups that allowed her to also try to write plays and  direct.  She did it all! This inspired her to start her own production company in 2009, Genoveva Productions- in which she has build a community of talented actors, playwrights, directors  that have become a tight-knit family.

Today, Julia continues to act in plays and films--and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and do the dirty work!!

She currently resides in Union City NJ, with her partner, her dog Sammi, and her 2 cats: Nacho 1 and Nacho 2.

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal" Earl Nightingale


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