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Announcing  the solo debut of

"Jackie & Clarisse"!!!!

We continue this beautiful journey as a solo production. 



JACKIE & CLARISSE (And the Fall to Grace)

Written and Directed by:

Deborah Vines

Gus Ferrari as Jackie

Rachel Marcus as Clarisse:

Based on a true story about an unlikely relationship that develops over the telephone between Clarisse, a middle-aged woman who works at a high-profile talent agency in L.A., and Jackie, an ex-con on parole who works in a minimum wage job taking ticket counts for bands.
A victim of spousal abuse, Clarisse finds respite and self-respect through her relationship with Jackie, who is fighting his own battle to remain “straight” in an unforgiving world.


Here are one of our reviews written by Nathan James, at

Two One-Act Plays Debut In NYC

Rachel Marcus and Gus Ferrari get connected in “Jackie & Clarisse”

By Nathan James

A pair of innovative one-act plays has begun a limited engagement at Manhattan’s Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, featuring emerging actors and playwrights in a fine showcase of new talent. The shows, which run from today until Sunday, April 3, are embarking on their Off-Broadway journey with a vividly psychological theme.

The first play, “Jackie and Clarisse (and the Fall To Grace)”, written and directed by Deborah Vines, stars Gus Ferrari and Rachel Marcus as contrasting office professionals having an East Coast/West Coast interlude conducted entirely by telephone. Ferrari’s edgy, sketchy Jackie is an effective foil to the more reserved, upscale Clarisse, as their conversations span six weeks and emotionally varied issues.

Jackie gets under Clarisse’s skin with his animated, devil-may-care attitude, challenging and provoking Clarisse about her own problems, but also shows a very human side, as when he engages with her over the abusive relationship she endures in her off-the-phone life. Writer Vines effectively makes use of the telephone as a device simultaneously signifying separation and connection, and the acting between Ferrari and Marcus is taut and entertaining.

The light moments carry the drama well, as the pair grow close over the wire, and find the connection they make is more than just electronic. This play is produced by AB Film Productions, Genoveva Productions, and SOM Productions.

Written & Directed by Deborah Vines


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