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recent projects


“Hide and Seek”

A new play by Dena Levin

June 10th and 11th at 2pm at the New Stage Theater, 36 W 106th St, New York, NY 10025. Free admission. Reservations, email:


“This is a play about David, a sixteen-year-old, in the process of coming to terms with his sexuality.  Adolescence is a difficult time for most teenagers, and it is for David. Sharing wonderful times with his Aunt Liz, David becomes aware how people have overcome challenges in their lives. He becomes enlightened and learns how he will navigate his life even with an obstacle in his own life, his father!”

With: Sasha Henriques, Griffin Ostrowski, Gus Ferrari, Noah Kleinberg, Julia Genoveva and Tess Chadwick.  Johnny Culver directs.










“Reunion” By:Gus Ferrari

"The Crossroad" By: Julia Genoveva

Both plays,directed by Julia Genoveva












































Sunday, May 21st at 1pm. Location:

Fifth Avenue Theater at 650 Fifth Avenue

Coming May 21 at 1pm, The Fifth Avenue Theater of New York presents an afternoon of short new plays. 650 Fifth Avenue, lower level, enter on 52nd Street, down escalator. Free admission.

 "Reunion" a Play, by Gus Ferrari--- Ray and Sam are two brothers that have been estranged for many years, but life forces them to meet face to face. Can they leave the past behind and start over?

With: Tym Moss and Robert Mulroy.

My play, "The Crossroad,"--Andrea's middle name is "trial and error" the more she tries, the more she fails. Finally she decides to leave it all behind, but where is she going? She has no clue. Her mother Gloria is sick of cleaning up after her. She finds refuge in a diner that is the middle of nowhere: can two strangers give her the guidance she needs?

In order of appearance with: Jess Rodi, Julia Genoveva, Gus Ferrari and Lynn Manuell.

come check it out!! 

Free Admissions

Equity Library Theater of New York/Woodside Players

Presents "Twelve from Texas"



























May 13th Equity Library Theater of New York/Woodside Players presents "Twelve from Texas" an afternoon of short monologues by Christopher Woods.

My character's name is Tina, and all her life she has know pain--getting her heartbroken in High School and then getting fired from the job she was growing to love, see info below, one performance only!!

Dramatist, poet, short story writer, Christopher Woods has a knack that is hard to match for getting to the heart of a character. Taken from his collection of brief fiction stories, this cast of loveable unconventional characters are a delight to meet. “Like streetcars – quaint vehicles – if one missed, there’ll be another one along in a minute.” William Albright Houston Post Drama Critic.

The single performance will take place May 13th (4-5:30pm) at QED, Ditmars, Astoria. More information and tickets, go to

Genoveva Productions Presents:

An Afternoon with Julia and Friends

Saturday, April 22nd, 1pm







A fun afternoon in which Playwrights and Actors get together  to read plays, poetry  and even an excerpt from a novel. Running time 90 minutes. See address in flyer for new location. Admission is free but please make sure to RSVP in the email address in the flyer which is basically me- lol!!  See u then!!


Manhattan Repertory Theatre Presents:

Plant Hoe

Written By: Cristina Soto

Directed By: Ken Wolf


Super grateful to be part of this funny and charming play. I play a plant that wants only the best mineral water haha!! Come check out us crazy plants and our loving caretaker--one day only April 8th (2 performances checkout flyer and link for tickets).
























The Secret Theatre

Queens Festival

The Fans Strike Back

Written By: Joseph Krawczyk

Directed By: Eddie Lew


Two rabid vigilantes capture a suspected murderer in this comic fantasy and call for justice to be served. Playing at the Queens ShortPlay Festival. For tickets:

Online, $23; at door, $25; TDF, $12.




















Genoveva Productions: It's Complicated...A (weird) Evening of 5 plays

The Crossroad.jpg





















Coming from AEWJAF now to the stage!!!!

So excited about this next Genoveva Productions....we are taking some of our favorite plays from our beloved reading series "An Evening with Julia and Friends" (AEWJAF) and are bringing them to the theatre--fully produced and off-book--yes it is time!! We are taking Genoveva Productions to the next level!!

Admissions $25



Reunion: Written and Directed by Gus Ferrari

No Good Deed by Ed Friedman


A Message from Beyond by William Kozy


The (Fairy) Truth of the Matter by Julia Genoveva


Just Desserts by David MacGregor, Directed by William Kozy



FRIDAY,10/28 7:30p

SATURDAY, 10/29 7:30p

SUNDAY, 10/30 3:30 p

Genoveva Players: Julia Genoveva, Gus Ferrari, William Kozy, Tym Moss, Robert Mulroy, Jess Rodi, Emily Battles, Mary Sheridan, Rick Reid,



TICKETS $25 ONLINE THRU EVENTBRITE ONLY--All ticket purchases are final and tickets may not be exchanged or refunded.


The play," Bernice" takes place in the roaring  1920's and it is about the strange circumstances surrounding Bernice's death. As family and friends dig deeper and try discover what really happened, unsettling revelations come to the surface. And everyone  must come face to face with the truth...


353 Studios, 353 West 48th Street, NYC 10036, 2ND FL, ROOM#1

FRI 10/22 AT 7PM

SAT  10/23 3PM & 7PM

SUN 10/24 3PM

Tickets $20 (Online Admissions only)

To purchase tickets online please visit below eventbrite link:

BERNIECE_Poster (1).jpg

"Bernice" by Susan Glaspell

Directed by Julia Genoveva

Our Last VIRTUAL Performance!!



SAT 7/24 AT 7PM

This is our line up for the last virtual "An Evening with Julia and Friends"!!!


Join us for a night of: Intimate conversation with briefs and panties, what do they really talk about??

Then, 3 sisters who fight over their mother's valuable possessions--- will they be able to resolve their differences...


Followed by a modern spin on a Greek Tragedy and can Orpheus save the day??


And to end the night, you know us writers can relate to this: you think your novel (or script) has some potential, but Doubt keeps hanging over your head!!!


Here it is!! The link to the last VIRTUAL E.W.J.A.F.

STREAMING SAT 7/24 AT 7PM!!! Thank you everyone for all your support!!!

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